Why Pilots Make Good Airline Managers?

Before we delve into the answer to the question, let’s set things straight first.


Pilots are the ones who operate airplanes that safely transports people and good from one location to another. Before they become full-fledged pilots, they undergo intense studying and training and need different certifications.

They can either be employed by commercial airlines, the government, or big corporations. They can also just be employed by one person to fly them to different destinations. There are many career opportunities for pilots from the private and public sectors—airlines, corporations, the military, even in flight schools to teach future pilots.

On the other hand, airline managers are the one who oversees the daily operations of an airport, airline, or any aviation organization. Airline managers supervise everyone and everything. They make sure that all is in order, for the safety and comfort of the passengers and other stakeholders.

Airline managers, to become effective, need trainings on not only business administration and management, but also on the principles of air transportation, aeronautics, safety rules and guidelines of air travel. He also needs to have good communication skills, calm in face of pressure, and a quick thinker, in case of emergencies.

Now that we know the job description and characteristics of the two, we can now lay out their similarities and why pilots can also be good airline managers. Here are four reasons:


  1. Knowledge of the basics of the airline industry

They both should have extensive knowledge of aeronautics, air transportation, and safety rules and guidelines for them to do their job well. Because pilots are extremely knowledgeable, they’d excel as airline managers.


  1. Presence of mind in case of problems

Flying and managing an airline, like life in general, are full of uncertainties and problems. Both pilots and airline managers need to have presence of mind in case problems come up. They need to think quickly and be calm in the face of problems. Coming up with solutions fast is essentially a part of their job description.


  1. Management skills

Pilots have to manage the plane crew and flying the plane. Airline managers have to manage airline operations. Pilots, having the experience of managing a group of people, can be airline managers as well. However, they should adjust to having to manage a larger number of people than managing just handful of people in their flights.


  1. Trust and reliance to the team

Any manager should know how to trust and rely on his team skills and abilities. Successful endeavors are achieved through teamwork and collaboration.

Being an airline manager or a pilot are both important jobs. They contribute to the growth and development of the airline industry. Their skills, in turn, should be improved and updated so that they can join in the advancement of the times.


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