• The Pilot Academy
    The Pilot Academy The Pilot Academy is one of the flagship institutions of WCC Aviation Company. Founded on the belief that disciplined training and professional competence constitute the foundation of quality and safety, WCC is the only school in the Philippines that offers the cadet approach for its pilot training and other aviation-related programs
  • Aero Tech College
    Aero Tech College At WCC Aeronautical and Technological College, we do what we do best - that is to train students to become aviators and airline professionals. We are a complete aviation-based school that produces nothing but gold standard graduates. Enroll with us and see how our name has become the epitome of excellence in aviation education
  • Flight Attendant School
    Flight Attendant School Flight Attendants are the airline's representative aboard the aircraft. The WCC Flight Attendant School's program offers two (2) months extensive and hands-on training that introduces the trainee to the up to date operation of the airline industry. It is designed to give aspiring and future flight attendants sufficient knowledge on Grooming, Image Enhancement, English Proficiency, Personal Development, Customer Service, Safety and Familiarization of the Aircraft, plus Survival Swimming to name a few. These modules are related to broaden the student's knowledge about the flight attendant's duties and responsibilities, as well as enhancing their personality and well being. This will give them vast advantage in pursuing their career as cabin crew. Join us and see the world up high!
  • WCC Repair Station
    WCC Repair Station As WCC's in-house aircraft repair facility, the Repair Station also accepts Lycoming and Continental engine overhauls, and airframe repairs and maintenance to other clients
  • Binalonan Airfield
    Binalonan Airfield Company owned and exclusively operated by WCC Aviation Company, this 850-meter long airstrip is your northern gateway to adventure. It also houses our more than 30 aircrafts, our own CAAP-approved Repair Station, the El-Pinoy Fly In Resort and the WCC Aeronautical & Technological College facilities. The Binalonan Airfield is an abode for our Pilot students who seek controlled flying environment and a venue that is conductive to learning as it is located in the budding University Town of Binalonan, Pangasinan. At first class municipality in the North, Binalonan is also the hub of the Northern operations of Digitel Communications
  • El Pinoy Fly-in Hotel
    El Pinoy Fly-in Hotel Located inside the Binalonan Airfield, El Pinot Fly-In Hotel provides for the accomodation of WCC Cadet Pilots. As a modern hotel and resort, the rooms are also open for guests. Other facilities are also available for private functions
  • Sky Pasada
    Sky Pasada The jeepney of the sky maps and designs the aeronautical highway of the north! Instead of the usual dust and discomfort of long and grueling land travel, snail-placed trips with small boats or "bangkas" (sometimes in turbulent waters) we offer quick and convenient flights. No more stiff necks and backaches from long trips! What more can you ask? Sky Pasada is truly the wing band of safety, security and service! Welcome aboard!
  • The Pilot Academy
  • Aero Tech College
  • Flight Attendant School
  • WCC Repair Station
  • Binalonan Airfield
  • El Pinoy Fly-in Hotel
  • Sky Pasada
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WCC Aviation - Who we are

WCC is a place for people with a passion for just anything about aviation and the desire to make things better because of it. Find out who we are, and what drives us to do what we do.

WCC Aviation Company

Your journey to securing a successful future in aviation begins here. Talk to us to learn how we can help you propel your dreams and fly high.

  • WCC Aerotech CollegeThe aviation industry is so multifaceted that the demand for professionals from this highly dynamic field continues to soar each year. Here at WCC Aerotech College, we help you determine the path you want to take and explore countless opportunities available to you right after graduation.
  • WCC Pilot Academy: Get top-notch training from the most complete pilot school in the Philippines. With courses designed to cater to students of all levels, we will help you determine the course path that is right for you.
  • Flight Attendant School: Join the ranks of WCC FAS graduates who have proceeded to build prosperous careers with top international airlines. Our school provides rigid training to prepare you for an exciting life in the skies.
  • Aerotech College
  • WCC Pilot Academy
  • Flight Attendant School



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BS Tourism +  Flight Attendant Course

BS Tourism + Flight Attendant Course

Only offered in binalonan campus


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