Being Airborne Always Starts on the Ground

When we established our training school in 2005, we only had two hobby aircrafts to service our students. We also had two students back then. Fresh in the industry, we were raring to traverse the aviation scene equipped with our dedication, knowledge and stern vision to succeed.

In only two years, students from neighboring countries have discovered our firm dedication to deliver first-rate training to those who wants to explore the skies. With our excellent performance we were able to take in 60 Pilot Training students in one batch. That’s the time we saw the need to veer out of the crowded skies of Metro Manila.

The New Home of WCC Aviation Company

In 2008, the Binalonan Airfield served as the nesting ground of our aircraft and crew. Operated and services privately by us, we were able to master every aspect of flight operations which opened a whole new facet in aviation services and training.

Binalonan Airfield started offering flight services to business, individual, and flight training patrons, featuring an 850 meter north-south runway capable of handling general aviation and mid-sized commercial aircrafts. WCC Aviation Company, Inc. manages airport operations, including flight plans, aircraft maintenance, catering, fueling, and shuttle services. WCC AeroTech College was also founded on 2008, offering Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology (AMT) as the second campus to offer AMT programs after the Caloocan campus (established in 2007).

The Most Comprehensive Aviation-Based School

The Aircraft Maintenance and Flight Attendant programs were established in the same year to address the growing need in the airline industry, both locally and abroad, for aviation professionals with proper training and specialized knowledge in airline operations.

Our North Manila Campus located in Caloocan City has been instrumental in nurturing aircraft mechanics. In 2010, we expanded our offerings to include BS Aviation, BS Aeronautical Engineering, and BS Tourism programs, further solidifying our commitment to excellence in aviation education.

As we continue our journey towards excellence and leadership, we embrace a new era of professional instruction, modern equipment and facilities, and partnerships tailored to the needs of the aviation and airline industries. While the future holds countless possibilities, one thing remains certain: WCC Aviation Company will unwaveringly strive for aviation excellence, ensuring our continued success in conquering the skies with flying colors.


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