Why Do Take Off Accidents Happen And How Do You Prevent Them

Like most mishaps, news of aircraft accidents can shake people into questioning the safety and security of air travel.


The fear of flying is a rather common yet substantiated cause of distress among passengers especially with statistics reflecting figures of fatalities due to takeoff and initial climb accidents.


But it’s important to note that these incidents can be prevented. Here is an extensive checklist to help ensure safety and security in the aircraft:


Keen weather monitoring

Weather is a huge factor in air travel so keeping a watchful eye on small changes in temperature, wind and gust, and rainfall is crucial.


Since most take off incidents happen in the event of a bad weather, it’s important to keep tabs on weather changes and take the safest course of action for everyone’s safety. A missed or cancelled flight never hurt anybody.


Routine maintenance

 It goes without saying, cyclical check-ups are significant in the overall performance of a machine. Don’t skip a routine maintenance check up. If the aircraft isn’t brand new, make every inspection count.


Document important details and inform necessary personnel if  you notice anything strange with the aircraft.


Timely and accurate fueling

 Accidents involving in-flight loss of fuel have been documented since 1935. Commonly due to negligence, this is one of the most common reasons for take off incidents.


Always check the aircraft monitors for fuel levels. Before take off, make sure that the area is clear and that the fueling trucks and team have removed all pieces of equipment and closed the tank. Communicate with the in-ground teams if you notice any anomalies in the runway.


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