Why Being A Pilot Is The Best Job

Still not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Experts say there will be thousands of job openings for pilots in the next 20 years–so why don’t you consider becoming a captain of the skies? Here are some benefits and advantages you can enjoy when you become a pilot:

Flying makes you smarter

Aside from knowing the technical aspects of flying a plane, you’ll gain a lot of new knowledge related to your job. You become a better planner, a logical decision maker, and a weatherman (a pilot has to know how to understand weather conditions as part of his job). You’ll also learn how to work with a sense of duty, stay calm under stress, and to be decisive during urgent situations.

It pays well

Being a pilot allows you to have your dream job with a large salary. The average monthly salary of a First Officer in some airlines is about PHP 180,000. It significantly increases once you become a captain, who usually gets around PHP 280,000 per month.

A lifelong adventure awaits

You’ll get to see the world and experience different cultures; you’ll gain a new respect for the world. You won’t go home empty-handed: you’ll be bringing back not just souvenirs and pasalubong, but also exciting and meaningful stories.  The world is for you to experience!

It makes you a better person

As a pilot, you’ll learn to be more disciplined, patient, and organized. It is part of your job to be more tolerant and to always put the safety of others first. Being a pilot can change you for the better.

Being a pilot is truly a dream job and it’s not impossible to achieve: you just need the  proper training and education.  WCC aviation school will help you realize your dreams. For more information, visit their website.


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