What You Need to Know Before Becoming a Pilot in the Philippines

Do you still remember what you told your pre-school teacher about the person you want to become when you grow up? On how you enthusiastically answered that your ambition is to become a pilot who brings people to various destinations around the world?

We fall in love with the idea of flying and to see the miniature version of places from above the clouds. But before becoming one of the Filipino pilots, make sure you possess the following qualifications below:

Learn to fly at 17

You can already enroll to a flight school and learn the essential guidelines to fly a plane once you reach the age of 17. Always consider a school that can provide the necessary facilities and equipment you need, along with well-trained instructors who will supervise and hone your skills.

Get a Private Pilot License

Just like driving on land, flying in the skies requires a license!

Get the basic requirements, such as the private pilot license, after finishing your pilot course. Also, make sure to keep your training records and stay physically fit so you are always ready to fly an aircraft for personal or business purposes.

Get a Commercial Pilot License

Pass your private pilot course and take the commercial pilot degree afterwards. Having earned the necessary qualifications, get your license (and renew it every year) to start earning as you get paid to fly an aircraft for passengers or cargo.

โ€˜Flyโ€™ Harder

Spread your wings and fly further!

Learning does not stop even if you become a successful pilot. Train in an Airbus type-rating center to build your credibility. This opens up more opportunities for your aviation career, should you want to broaden your optionsโ€“such as becoming a pilot instructor, for example.

Becoming a pilot is a serious matter; you maneuver a machine weighing around 300 tons, thousands of feet in the skyโ€“with hundreds of passengers counting on you for their travel and safety. At the same time, being a pilot is still one of the best careers out there.

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