WCC Pilot Academy

WCC Pilot Academy fully prepares students for a professional career in the aviation industry through proper flight training that strictly adheres to requirements set by the CAAP.

Considered as one of the premier pilot training schools in the Philippines, WCC Aviation’s instructing team is composed of seasoned flight instructors. This ensures that all of our flight training is operationally driven and entirely relevant for aviation professionals starting and progressing in their careers.

From basic flight training to full instructorship programs, our courses are designed to help fulfill each student’s flying aspirations while fostering professionalism, hard work, discipline and leadership – important values every student must develop to advance in this highly competitive industry. Flight training programs are conducted in Binalonan Airfield, a company-owned-and-operated airport in Pangasinan Province. Ground classes are held either at Binalonan or at WCC Aviation’s hangar in Pasay City.

Any aspiring pilot can choose from any of our courses:

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