The Need for Aviation Managers

Through time, the aviation industry has improved many-fold.


A study shows that this improvement demands that the Asian region must increase its number of pilots by 2034. Hence, the youth is encouraged to soar high and pursue their aviation dreams.


However, if you are not leaning towards the technical fronts of aviation, such as piloting, but instead have great communication skills, leadership smarts, and the same love for flying, why not try your luck as an aviation manager?


The duties


Aviation managers oversee the daily operations of businesses in the aviation or aerospace industry. They supervise aircraft maintenance, plan flight schedules, and manage the busy airline departments.


Itโ€™s not an easy job, alright. Aviation managers make sure that the airports are running smoothly at all times. Aside from recruitment and management, the success or failure of an organization falls entirely on their shoulders.


This title usually requires long hours and working through the holidays, like most aviation jobs.


The requirements


Basically, you have to build a strong technical foundation for this career. Youโ€™ll be needing a baccalaureate degree in aviation management that will qualify you to take roles in the aeronautics business.


Program prerequisites include:


  1. High school diploma
  2. Medical certification
  3. CAAP (Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines) English Language Proficiency (ELP)


Be it management, organizational, or technical skills, start with a school thatโ€™s got it all for you.


WCCโ€™s Aviation Management aims to produce fully-rounded graduates that are shaped to be leaders in the industry, regardless of specialization. Choose WCC and begin building a solid future today.


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