The Latest Trends In The Philippine Airline Industry

White sand beaches, tall majestic buildings, and the constant need to meet with foreign managers have made flying a usual activity for a lot of Filipinos.


According to the latest Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions, Filipinosโ€™ first priority in saving is intended for holidays and vacations.


In order to compliment this behavior, the airline industry has adapted trends for better flight services. These trends include the following:


  1. Developing in-flight entertainment

One of the features airlines compete and customers look out for is the in-flight entertainment. Most airlines have offered movies, TV shows, and magazines to keep passengers busy in long flights.

PAL has recently developed a new in-flight entertainment feature app. The app had to be downloaded and passengers had to connect to their internal Wi-Fi server in order to watch movies and TV shows, read magazines, and get real time updates of the status of the flight.


  1. Increasing low cost carriers

Pricing is one concern when it comes to ticketing. With travel becoming more frequent among Filipinos, competitive pricing became a trend.

Flights are now offered at affordable prices and if a customer is lucky enough and knows where to look, they can even manage to get fares as low as P1. This is all made possible because airlines have been getting low cost carriers.


  1. Going digital with majority of the transactions

From booking a flight, paying, to checking-in, everything can be done digitally. This isnโ€™t just for the convenience of the passengers; it is also to regulate the traffic of people inside the airport. Even the tickets are electronic.


  1. Hosting travel expos

Travel expos held in the country in 2016 all contributed to the improvement in sales in the airline industry.

For instance, the world travel 2016 expo was hosted by Ad Asia Conventions and Exhibitions International Corp. It aimed to be a means for global and national travel communities to be connected, according to Business Mirror. It was just one of the many travel expose held this year.


More trends are set to come out next year as the airline industry in the Philippines continues to grow. In line with this growth, aviation schools are not just growing in numbers, but improving their facilities and training equipment as well.

Whether for commercial of private purposes, flying is a fulfilling activity. If youโ€™re interested in learning how to pilot a plane and explore the skies, enroll in a flying school with topnotch trainers and the latest amenities.

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