The Coolest Reasons Why You Should Try Aerobatics

It’s not common knowledge, but aerobatics existed from the earliest days of aviation.

It’s the type of flying in which pilots perform mid-air tricks through aircraft. Since the stunts are death-defying, being an aerobatic flyer requires legitimate aircraft know-how and skill.

People wonder why some do this for a living. Instead of just enjoying the view, why do aerobatic professionals choose the swerve and curve of it all?

Aerobatic maneuvers are straight-up awesome

The thrill of the job is in the moves. By definition, aerobatic maneuvers are trails done in air shows or competitions. Some of them have crazy names (and even crazier meanings), but the popular ones are mostly forthright. For example, the dive is exactly how it sounds. It’s when a plane’s nose goes downward, then upward in the event of increased air speed.

There’s also the rollwingover, Cuban eight, and loop.

Sun’s up, fun’s up!

Aerobatic flyers’ working hours are pretty simple. They just need to show up when it’s all well to fly, until the sun goes down later in the day. Like most jobs, the work stops when the darkness is settling.

Unclouded locations are your paradise

Pilots fly under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) which means they only operate when skies are clear and weather conditions are favorable. This makes aerobatic flying exclusive at sites that are sunlit and near the beach.

No one is questioning the exciting nature of the profession, but aerobatics is definitely challenging. The job demands a certain level of mental and kinesthetic intelligence that only solid will and education can provide.

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