The Business of Flying: A Career in Aviation Management

Have you ever been curious as to how an airline works, like what goes on behind the scenes? Or wondered what it would be like to keep an airport in order?


If you answered ‘yes’ to those questions then maybe you should consider becoming an aviation manager.


What do they do?


Aviation managers can work at airports, airlines, and any other business within the aerospace industry. As managers, they have to make sure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the business they work at. This means that they have to manage all the staff that work in their respective departments.


What skills do they need to have?


Like any other managerial position, aviation managers need to have leadership skills. This means knowing how to put others before them so that the team they lead can succeed, and knowing how to communicate with their colleagues.


Another important skill any manager needs to have is management. As obvious as that is, it can’t be emphasized enough. Knowing how to manage the staff, schedule flights and aircraft maintenance, and deal with customers is not easy work but it’s required for one to become an aviation manager. This also includes being organized and being able to use word processing and spreadsheet software as those are important for managing schedules and finances, which is a very important part of the job.


Human resource skills would also be very useful for recruiting people along with understanding the employees that work under them.


One of the most important and the most specific to aviation managers is having the knowledge of aviation rules and regulations, which you can learn about in aviation school.


What are the advantages of being an aviation manager?


Aviation managers in the Philippines can earn around P35,000 monthly. But if you decide to pursue becoming an aviation manager in the U.S., you can earn $85,000 to $107,000 per year (or $7,000 to $8,900 per month), as long as you’re highly trained and experienced.


Being a manager also means you’re trusted, which gives you more opportunities to share your ideas to improve the business and that helps you move up within the company.


How do I become one?


Much like any other job, you need to get a degree. Aviation schools offer courses like BS Aviation Major in Airline Operations Management. This is essential to be able to get a job both locally and internationally. It also helps if you get an internship!


After getting an aviation degree, you have to obtain certification. To advance as a manager, it is important that you get certified, especially if you want to pursue the career in other countries. In the U.S, two certifications are offered by the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE).


After passing the exams for certification, you can then apply to be an aviation manager.


An aviation manager’s job isn’t the easiest but it must be satisfying to know that an airline is efficient because of the work they put into maintaining or even improving its daily operations.


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