Technology and Aviation Industry: How Apps and The Internet Affect the Airline Industry

Like most things, the Internet has made huge changes to the aviation industry.

The challenge of building planes to last subsequent decades have been replaced by trials of a future where technology reigns supreme–but more modern advances are happening now. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Aviation Apps

Apps aren’t just for social media and gaming anymore. Nowadays, developers are upping their game with a range of apps that could be made useful as additional in-cockpit aviation resources like apps for weather briefings or in-depth flight plans.

Added Variety of Options

Planning a full blown-trip used to be a thing for travel agencies, but every travelling enthusiast can DIY his or her travel plans these days –without the extra fees!

Since the Internet has made connectivity easier for everyone, the communication between carriers and customers has improved. This synergy has opened a wider selection in terms of airline choices and ticket prices.

Travel Trends

Since the web plays a huge role in today’s society, airlines are using social media to introduce themselves to the general public.

This strategy, while adapted mainly for efficiency, has advanced budget travelling as a trend — and aviation as a thing for everyone, not just the elite. Those who have always been interested in a career in flight now have the extra push to go all the way, because it’s become more familiar and accessible.

The aviation industry’s transitory period isn’t as straightforward as some deem it to be, but it is opening a lot of doors for learning and reinvention. At WCC, we offer education and training that’ll help you take on real-life growth and innovation. For more details, visit WCC’s website.


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