Soaring in 2019: Aviation in the Philippines

The aviation industry is an ever-evolving one that only grows bigger as the years pass, especially here in the Philippines.



According to the CAAP, or the Civil Aviation Authority in the Philippines, several projects to help improve the country’s aviation infrastructure were launched in 2018. Some of these include the inaugurations of a few new airports such as Lal-lo Airport, San Vicente Airport, and the Bohol-Panglao Airport. There were also new passenger terminal buildings inaugurated for various airports.

For this year, more passenger terminal buildings will be inaugurated. Moreover, the CAAP is working towards getting more airports night ratings in 2019, which means more airports that will be operational at night. This would allow for longer operating hours and gateways to service more flights.

Aside from the reports of the CAAP, AirAsia Philippines chief executive officer Dexter Comendador noted that the Department of Transportation, the Department of Tourism, and the aviation industry are all working together in order to further develop the country’s tourism infrastructure.



With the development of new aviation infrastructure, there has been a rise in visitors and passengers here in the Philippines, according to the CAPA – Center of Aviation and the Department of Tourism.

International passenger traffic grew by 12% and visitor numbers increased by 11% in 2017. There has also been an increase of Filipinos travelling overseas in the past few years.



Because of the rise of infrastructure, increase in passengers and flights, and overall globalization, there has also been a greater demand for aviation professionals in the country. More technicians, pilots, and air traffic controllers will be needed in the next few years, as stated by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization.

It has also been reported by DOLE that one of the highest paying jobs in the country are within the aviation industry, those being pilots, navigators, and flight engineers, earning around P57,000 to P116,000 per month, depending on the one’s experience and mastery.


Working in the aviation industry has plenty of advantages, especially because it’s seeing continuous growth and development. There are so many opportunities already available but there will be even more in the future, which is why now is the best time to get into aviation!


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