Qualities That Make A Great Aircraft Maintenance Technician

The aircraft is one tough of a machine! Up in the sky, it encounters several things: there’s turbulence, air pressure, changing weather conditions, and occasional bird strikes. Airplanes easily fly strong and firm against all these; and it wouldn’t be possible without the team that made it so: the mechanics.

Maintaining and fixing an aircraft is no joke; the safety of each and every flight depends on this. An aircraft need to be well maintained all the time to make sure they work well and last long.

Aside from their ability in keeping the quality of an aircraft, mechanics also exhibit some values that make them the best at their job:


  1. They can solve the most complex problem

Everyone can solve a problem, it all depends on each and everyone’s style. But solving a problem related to the complexity of a 500 ton machine isn’t as simple as your regular 1+1=2, it needs more analysis than that!

Aircraft mechanics are skilled in troubleshooting things quickly and effectively. It’s all in their day’s work! They have the knowledge and experience to get to know the heart of the problem and fix it with an appropriate solution.


  1. They pay attention to the smallest of detail

There’s a small loose screw somewhere in the aircraft. To most people, that would be unnoticeable. But to aircraft mechanics, that is just a big black dot on a clean sheet of paper. They pay so much attention to detail.

This is important in this profession because small things could affect a whole aircraft. It takes a special kind of eye and attention to notice even the slightest problems a plane could have.


  1. They weigh everything before making a decision

Aircraft mechanics are as tough as the aircraft itself. They’re not afraid to lay down decisions because they’ve already checked, double-checked, and reconsidered everything before calling the shots. They’re experts in their field, making sure that everything works properly is part of what they’re trained for.

Having the final say to something isn’t easy as it seems. There is a lot of pressure on the mechanics because it’s their call to tell if the aircraft is safe to fly or not.


  1. They are always eager to learn more in their field

For aircraft mechanics, learning never stops in the four corners of the classroom. They’re always on the lookout for updates on maintenance protocols, new aircraft program systems, and leaps on technological advances.

Technology continues to develop and improve the aviation industry. In the same manner, aircraft mechanics continue to learn and grow in the field.


  1. They are able to communicate what they have in mind

Communication is vital in the aircraft maintenance field. Listening well and relaying information effectively are some skills that aircraft maintenance people have and develop on the job.

Maintaining an aircraft is a team effort. It takes a good ear to pay attention and absorb all the information from co-workers, and at the same time, relay integral information to people in the team in order to ensure that each aircraft is well kept.


The aviation is a very competitive industry, and it takes a lot to be part of an aircraft maintenance team. But there’s still hope. Just like in any field, being a good aircraft mechanic can be learned through training. WCC Aviation offers several training and sessions on the whereabouts of aircraft maintenance. They also have the latest facilities to provide the best quality of education for all aviation student enthusiast.

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