Pilot Academy: A Survival Guide

Pilot Academy: A Survival Guide

 There’s no smooth and easy take-off when seeking to become an aircraft pilot.  Apart from the academic requirements, the hands-on trainings and specialized topics such as radio work and crosswind landings–may make someone rethink his or her chosen career path.

But this doesn’t mean you should give up on your dream to reach the skies! Here are some practical lifestyle and study hacks that can help you survive and thrive in the pilot academy:


Find a mentor.

 A mentor can be the pilot you’ve always looked up to or your most admired professor or instructor. He is someone who will give you inspiration, advice, and guidance to support your dreams and life decisions.


Always prepare for training.

 Show that you’re committed to safety and prepare for all the hands-on trainings. Read or watch educational videos about flight training, familiarize yourself with the cockpit, and always do pre-flight checks.


Don’t forget your academics.

Flying a plane doesn’t exempt you from regular written exams and recitations. Even though skills are highly important, it’s always better to sharpen your knowledge and maintain a good academic standing.


Save for the future.

Studying in a pilot academy is expensive and sometimes, financial constraints hinder some aspirants from pursuing their dream. Learn how to budget your allowance, allot savings for special projects, or enroll in a scholarship program to support your finances.


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