Modern Filipinas are perfect candidates to be a pilot. Here's why:

Pilots are required to do many things: manage the aircraft, get the passengers and the crew to their destinations safely, and make instant decisions in case of emergencies up in the air. Because of this, they should be trained and have certain certifications before being an official pilot. However, they need to have not only technical skills, but also certain qualities to be a really good pilot.


Modern Filipinas are perfect candidates for being a pilot. Why? Because for they possess a lot of qualities a good pilot need to have. Here they are:


They are confident.

Modern Filipinas are sure of themselves and of their abilities without them being arrogant and braggarts. They know that they can achieve the things they want through the help of their abilities. Pilots need confidence in their jobs, so that they can do their tasks, such as flying the aircraft and managing his or her crew, efficiently. They need to trust their abilities, and in that, the crew will see that they have a competent and trustworthy captain with them.


They persevere.

They work hard and grind ‘till they achieve their goals and dreams. And because getting a pilot license is hard, pilots should work hard and persevere to get that precious pilot license. Hard work pays off, remember!


They’re creative and resourceful.

They have their own ways of doing things, especially if they are short on time and resources. They can do something completely unexpected to solve a problem. As pilots, in times of crises and emergencies especially in the air, they should be able to devise ways to land the aircraft as safe as possible and transport passengers to safety.


They’re assertive and rational.

Modern Filipinas are not afraid to say what’s on their mind, and fight for their beliefs. They don’t take arguments lying down and are able to stand their ground. Pilots need to be assertive and be firm in their position, but they should also do it rationally, not emotionally.


They’re calm.

In the face of immense pressure, modern Filipinas can do their tasks with a smile on their faces. They don’t crack or explode easily. Pilots need to be calm at all times, whether there’s an emergency or just because of a rowdy passenger.


Their intuition is strong.

Women in general have strong intuition. Pilots should also possess this quality so that they can deal with new environment and new people every time. This ‘secret weapon’ should be followed at all times.


They’re decisive.

Modern Filipinas does not change their minds easily. They stick to their decisions and follow through them. Pilots cannot afford to change their minds every two seconds because a lot of people–the crew and passengers–depend on their decisions.


Filipinas definitely have what it takes to be pilots. It’s not only a job for men. For an industry that is dominated by men, it’s time to open the opportunities to women even further. Gender stereotypes are made to be destroyed, anyway. WCC offers comprehensive pilot training courses for all. Female aspiring pilots are all welcome!


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