How to become an Aeroplane Pilot

Pilots are the captains of huge passenger aircraft–but they do more than just command the flight crew and fly the plane.  They have other responsibilities they need to fulfill to make sure passengers travel safely to their destination.

To discover more about aeroplane pilots, here’s a glimpse of their work, plus tips on how you can become one of them:

Prepare Flight Plans

Aeroplane pilots conduct general plane inspection before the flight. This includes checking the aircraft’s condition, balancing cargo and passenger load, calculating the amount of fuel needed, and weather forecasting. These details are all kept in a flight log for future flight report references.

Monitor Aircraft Performance

To make sure that a plane is acceptable for flight, an aeroplane pilot conducts external aircraft examination on its mechanical state. While the plane hovers in the sky, he or she pays keen attention to the aircraft’s flight instruments, its movement, taxiing, and landing. 

Provide Flight Information

The aeroplane pilot sets a pre-flight briefing with the flight crews and air traffic service staff. He or she will then discuss flight information about air traffic control, as well as the aeronautical and operating procedures of the flight.

Acquire a License

It is required to have both a pilot and commercial license for you to apply in any kind of pilot position. To get a pilot license, make sure to ace your flight trainings and stay physically fit and healthy. After earning your first flight license, proceed to applying for a commercial pilot license and make sure to meet the requirements needed. Then, you can enjoy the privilege of flying an aircraft for personal or business purposes.

Enroll to an Aviation school

Everything mentioned above is impossible to achieve if you are missing the first step—enrolling at an aviation school! Luckily, you can access flight trainings at one of the finest flight schools in Asia, WCC!

Here, you can have the best knowledge and skills to become a pilot, flight attendant or an aircraft mechanic–or any of the other aviation industry professions. Why not learn all of a pilot’s duties by becoming one? Visit WCC website or take a trip to their campus to know more.


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