How to Attain a Private Pilot License: A Guide

If you want to fly planes without making a living out of it, have yourself licensed as a private pilot. It won’t only give you the privilege of flying for leisure or sport, it’ll also give you the convenience of flying almost anywhere you want – and you can bring along some passengers while you’re at it!

Here’s how you become a licensed private pilot in the Philippines:


 Those who are vying for a private pilot license should:

  • Not be younger than 17 years old
  • Be fluent in English, both oral and written
  • Have a latest 3rd Class Medical Certificate


As a general requirement, you need to undergo the Private Pilot Training Course (PPL) which lasts upwards of six months. This, along with passing the Knowledge Exam and Practical Flight Test and Oral Exam by the Air Transportation Office (ATO), are usually the bases of being recognized as a private pilot.

The training course usually covers civil regulations, air traffic control and communications, meteorology, aviation physiology, and basic air navigation and flight planning, among others.

It’s also mandatory to complete 40 flight training hours for solo and dual airmanship, cross-country navigation, and emergency procedures. This should cover 20 hours of dual flight time, 10 hours of solo instruction (5 for local solo flying and 5 for cross-country solo flying), and another 10 hours for either solo or dual flights.

The whole process of getting certified as a private pilot may be comprehensive, but it’s a skill and privilege you get to enjoy for life. At WCC, we understand the value of achieving your goals fulfilled. Visit WCC’s website to know more.


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