Five misconceptions that might hold you back from becoming an FA

“Coffee, tea, or me?”

That’s the title of a book that came out in the 1960s, criticising the sexist attitude of some passengers towards female flight attendants. Back then, flight attendants were often over-sexualized and most of the time, air passengers thought of them simply as waitresses in the air.

However, the reality is, flight attendants are trained for emergency situations, on land or in the water. They also know how to handle in-flight fires, medical emergencies, and aircraft decompressions. Most people think being a flight attendant is easy, but it’s a serious job, with life and death consequences.

To set the record straight, here are five misconceptions about flight attendants that we’re happy to correct so you can pursue your dreams with the proper expectations


  • Flight attendants party all the time


Surprise! Most layovers are short, and flight attendants barely have time for food and a good night’s sleep. Most of the layovers range from eight to 10 hours and anything over 12 hours are considered a long layover. Only senior flight attendants get to work dream trips and long layovers; these people are called slam clickers.

  1. Most flight attendants are rude

Sure, there are some jaded flight attendants out there. But most flight attendants are cheerful, friendly, polite, and helpful. Remember however, that more than just helping you get comfortable, the flight attendants’ job is to help save you and your family from any emergency that will occur in the air. Flight attendants must be strict to the passengers to ensure their safety during the flight. Keep this in mind when flight attendants get serious.

  1. Male flight attendants are gay

Another misconception about flight attendants, is that every guy in the field is gay. That is a generalization without basis. The job of an FA isn’t exclusive for women–men can be great at it, as well! If you’re a man, don’t let this misconception hold you back.  Reach for your dream to prove that a man can be a flight attendant, too!

  1. Flight attendants aren’t intelligent

Despite what people might think, the majority of the people from the cabin crew come from different careers before becoming an FA. Many are also highly educated. They just don’t wake up and become flight attendants, they graduate with a degree from a university and have had rigorous training in other fields.

  1. Flight attendants are basically waiters in the sky

Serving air passengers drinks and snacks are further down on their to-do list. The most important role of flight attendants is securing the passengers safety and bringing them from one country to another. Flight attendants spend 12 hours a day, six days a week, taking care of passengers and making sure they are safe during emergencies.

Don’t let these misconceptions about flight attendants stop you on your way to your dream job! We’ve already dispelled them for you, so what are you waiting for? At WCC, we offer hands-on training and lessons for you to become the best FA you can be. Welcome aboard, future flight attendant!


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