Don't Hold Back, Aim High!

Doctor, lawyer, actor, singer– these are the typical responses to the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” These are common, safe answers; but then what if, at five, you look up the sky and say “I want to be a pilot”?


Go for your passion; don’t settle for others’ choices


Deciding on a different path, unlike what  what everyone else wants, can be terrifying; but it also has the potential to be extremely rewarding. Imagine having this dream of flying, of being a pilot, but finding yourself sitting in a classroom lecture on the penal code or learning about the different functions of the bones in the human ear; that would be miserable.


But what if you are learning about what you really want to know? It’s so much better to move towards something that will benefit you in all aspects of yourself: financial and personal growth, or deeper knowledge in your chosen field.


Risks make life more exciting


Failure is always part of the equation for success; if things came in a straight line then life would be boring and nothing would be worth doing. But taking risks, taking chances, being unsure– these make life interesting. Being afraid isn’t a negative thing; look at it as the anticipation for something better.


So risk it. Risk being the only one in your family who stares up at the sky dreaming of flying; risk being different and unconventional. Now that you’re applying at universities and colleges, consider applying for the best aviation schools like WCC. There, you can hone your unique set of skills, widen your horizons, and get ready for a life full of stories to tell.


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