Do you want to work in the aviation industry? Here are your career options

Thanks to greater purchasing power in the hands of the middle-class, aviation is becoming one of the fastest growing industry sectors. According to the Airport Council International, airports all over the world receive more than 450 million passengers by 2020.

This means that there is now a demand for people to fill aviation jobs. There are many career options in the aviation industry:  from being a part of the cabin crew to flying an airplane, or taking care of back-end, ground ops, and maintenance; and even designing and creating the entire aircraft itself.

Aviation is a worldwide industry, so it requires a lot of people. Being a pilot isnโ€™t the end all and be all in aviation, the profession itself is broad and you have a number of options in terms of career.


Here are 4 exciting career options that you can consider pursuing in the aviation field.

1. Airline Traffic Controller

Air traffic controllers help guide aircrafts and pilots during takeoff and landing. They help pilots in keeping the aircraft at the right speed, direction, and in dealing with unforeseen events. They also help direct the activities of airport personnel on the ground.


2. Flight Attendants

Flight attendants are essential in every commercial flight. They do more than just give out food and drinks. More importantly, they make sure passengers stay safe during the flightโ€“especially when dire situations arise. Flight attendants are trained to take the lead when emergency and safety measures need to be implemented.


3. Avionics Technician

An avionics technician is responsible for maintaining electrical systems in aircraft. The job includes maintenance, repair, troubleshooting, inspection and modification of the aircraft. Itโ€™s their duty to ensure the aircraft is in perfect condition before take-off.


4. Flight Dispatchers

The flight crew cannot fly without the help of the people on the ground. A flight dispatcher helps ensure that pilots and passengers arrive safely at their destination. Safety guidelines, the monitoring of weather patterns, and determining flight plans are all part of their work. They hold important information that every airline needs to function properly.


Now that you know what career options you have in the aviation industry, what are you waiting for?

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