Different Types of Pilot Careers

A career as an airline pilot seems glamorous, exciting, and very attractive financially. Whenever people think of a pilot, they imagine someone flying a huge passenger jet for a domestic or international carrier. However, the truth is, there are many types of pilots–and they fly different aircraft and don’t necessarily take travelers through the skies.

Below are the different types of pilots and the jobs they are tasked with:


Cargo Pilot

International shipping, anyone? Cargo pilots fly large and small aircraft for companies like FedEx, UPS, and DHL. A cargo pilot’s job is to deliver mail, packages, and perishable items to their destination on a timely basis. Cargo pilots fly on early mornings and late nights, so prepare to adjust your body clock!


Military Pilots

Military pilots get to fly the latest aircraft; they get paid to train, and even accumulate flight hours towards their civilian rated pilot licenses. They also get paid while on active duty upon completion of their advanced pilot training. Keep in mind that the main job of military pilots is to fight in aerial combat against the enemy. They also support ground troops during conflict, whether for combat, reconnaissance, transport, or rescue operations.


Agricultural Pilots

Also known as AG pilots or crop dusters,they are skilled professionals who fly to transport agriculture-related cargo to market. They also do crop dusting, which means spraying insecticide chemicals or fertilizer on crops. AG pilots are either self-employed or they work as employees of the local government.


Flight Instructor Pilots

Teaching at an aviation school might be your passion. There’s a certain thrill to pass on your knowledge in aviation to aspiring pilots. It is satisfying to know you’re responsible for another’s education. CFI’s can teach at flight schools, be a private instructor, or teach at aviation colleges. With the shortage of flight instructors, the pay and benefits are going up.


Corporate Pilots

They’re the pilots who fly aircraft owned by business firms and they transport company executives on flights to business conferences. Corporate pilots use company airplanes like personalized business aircrafts and jets.


Airline Pilots

It is the most common type of pilot, they’re employed by an airline to commercially transport passengers from one destination to another.


Mission Pilots

They’re probably the most noble pilot career as these pilots fly to fulfill humanitarian missions such as rescuing individuals in a calamity zone or transporting relief goods to disaster-hit areas.


Is there anything that caught your attention? Hopefully, you now have a better idea which type of pilot career you would like to work in. The next step is to pick the right school where you can get quality education for the pilot profession.  WCC offers hands-on training and education to get you ready for your pilot career. What are you waiting for? Visit WCC to know more.


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