Curious where your pilot certificate can land you? Here are a few non-flying jobs you can score

What happens if you get your degree and license as a pilot–but for some reason, you can’t get a job?

Many think that a pilot’s degree will leave them hanging in mid-air, with nowhere to go.  That’s not true.


Even if your own inclinations or the job market won’t let you land a pilot’s job, there are other career options open to you:

Airport manager

Airline management positions do require aviation-related experience in the field, sometimes along with a management degree. Knowing about airplanes is one of the major requirements of being an airport manager.  Having a pilot certificate and an aviation management degree pretty much fits in this career path.


Commercial drone operator

A pilot certificate is a requirement by new companies that produce and utilize drones. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) like drones needs to have operators that have remote pilot certificates or current non-student pilot certificates. Aviators only need to take an FAA-provided UAS training course online to become fully qualified for this in-demand career path.


Aviation professor

If you do become a pilot and get years of flight experience, you have the option to be an aviation professor. Teaching others how to be competent, qualified pilots can be a rewarding profession. The job has a flexible schedule, with good benefits, too.


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