Cool and Awesome Careers for Pilots Without Having To Fly

Being a pilot really is a dream career: imagine having an “office” 30,000 feet up in the sky. Travelling the world. Wearing that awesome uniform. But did you know that many licensed pilots–whether new ones or veterans–find cool and awesome careers that don’t involve flying at all? A pilot can have many reasons to switch jobs and fortunately, the aviation careers available to them are all fulfilling and provide good pay as well. What are these non-flying aviation careers? Check below:


Airport Manager

This career entails the overall airport management in an airline company. Aside from having a degree in the aviation industry, this position requires the candidate to have a experience in the field.  Familiarization with different kinds of aircraft is a must.


Aviation Professor

After a long time flying an aircraft and sitting in the cockpit, this career is perfect for every candidate with experience and expertise as a pilot. A lot of aviation schools and training companies are hiring professors and assistant professors, especially these days when the number of aviation students is getting higher. An aviation degree and longtime experience and familiarization in the aviation industry is the requirement of this non-flying career.


Commercial Drone Operator

This is one of the hottest, in-demand jobs for pilots nowadays. New companies around the world are producing and utilizing drones, and they are looking for  candidates with commercial pilot certificates. Career experience in flying an aircraft is a must when operating commercial drones. To successfully grab this career, you only need to take an FAA-provided UAS training course online.


Flight Dispatcher

A flight dispatcher has many important duties in the airline industry. They are responsible for planning flights; calculating the weight and balance of an aircraft; monitoring the weather, and calculating fuel for flights. Since the duties of a flight dispatcher are quite critical, companies often choose a candidate with commercial pilot experience


Airline Accident Investigator

While this career has the smallest percentage of aviation personnel compared to other areas, it is one of the most in-demand jobs when it comes to airline safety: probing the cause of accidents and helping find ways to prevent them. This career requires skills in at least two areas: a pilot-engineer and pilot with a degree in human factors psychology. Aviation and airline safety department usually prefer a candidate who possesses these two fields of expertise.


While there’s nothing like taking to the skies as your job, it’s good to know that pilots have cool and awesome options when it comes to switching careers. This just proves that a pilot’s education lets a graduate soar to success in life–even if they choose to stay on the ground. Start your aviation career with quality education at WCC. Visit


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