Career Options For Pilots--besides Flying For An Airline

When we imagine what a pilot does for a living, we usually think of him or her flying a huge jumbo passenger jet for an airline. But this is just one career option for a certified pilot.


If you are considering a career in aviation, but aren’t too keen on being a commercial airline pilot, here are your options:


Aerial Firefighting


Yes, you read that right. A job as cool as fighting fire from the air exists! “Fire bombers” are directed to fly single or twin-engine aircrafts to extinguish forest fires. Fearless pilots are needed for this unique, demanding duty..


If you’re going to pursue this profession, you’re going to need some highly-polished flying skills with an adventure-seeking personality.


Flight Instructor


Being a flight instructor isn’t as easy as some may think. This is one of the most important jobs in aviation: he or she must make sure each pilot becomes fully knowledgeable and competent in flying an aircraft. To become a flight instructor you will need:  a Flight Instructor License (FIL), which requires valid Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Flight Instructor (FI) schooling; and to pass the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) written exam, and a flight test.


Medical Evacuation


What could be more satisfying than saving lives while doing the job you love? “Medevacs” follow through missions of saving lives. They transport patients from far-flung locations and respond to emergency situations. Pilots who plan on doing this line of work are often medically trained.


Law Enforcement Flying


Have you ever had action-packed fantasies of being in a helicopter chase? Well, look no further! This job entails seeking criminals from the sky. Law enforcement flights also transport government officials and prisoners to various locations.

As peachy as the duties sound, it’s a special position open to selected people.
So, whatever type of flying you choose to pursue, remember that complications are true of any job. Feel free to create your own career path, and explore your potential..
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