Can You Get All Of These Pilot Certificates?

Do you dream of being a pilot? Then, you should know that there are different certifications you can get depending on what training you will choose to undergo.


Here are the list of pilot certificates and some of their different obligations and limits. Take note that you can get more than one of these, depending on what types of aircraft you want to fly and as long as you want to get trained.


Sport Pilot Certificate:


This is the first pilot certificate you can obtain.The Sport Pilot certificate is the perfect stepping stone for the students before they pursue more advanced training.


If you are a Sports Pilot, you must stay within certain restrictions:


  • You can only fly a light-sport aircraft at low altitude;
  • You can’t carry more than one passenger, and;
  • You are prohibited from flying at night


These limitations may be removed or reduced, depending on your performance. It only needs 20 hours of training; in some countries, applicants are required to pass a medical certificate.


Recreational Pilot Certificate:


Next is the Recreational Pilot Certificate. To earn this, you must first complete the Sport Pilot training. There are also limitations under this certificate:


  • You’ll have limited flights: less than 50 nautical miles from departure;
  • You are not allowed to fly an aircraft of up to 180 horsepower (130 kW) only;
  • You have a maximum of 4 passengers to carry, and;
  • You’re prohibited from flying at night


This certificate requires 30 hours of flight time including 15 hours of dual instruction.


Private Pilot Certificate:


You must first acquire the Sport Pilot and Recreational Pilot certificates before you can get this. Under a Pilot Certificate, you may fly for personal and business purposes. However, there are also some restrictictions when flying as a private pilot:


  • You can’t receive any compensation;
  • You can’t be hired by any operator, and;
  • You can’t be paid when flying for business purposes (like Sport and Recreational Pilots).


A Private Pilot is certified to fly a “Aircraft-Single Engine Land” with the guidance of its instructor and requires at least 40 hours of flight time training.


Commercial Pilot Certificate:


A Commercial Pilot Certificate requires a higher level of training than the first three certifications. It includes training for professional flight operations and how to fly complex aircraft (including the retractable landing gear, flaps, and a controllable-pitch propeller).


You’re allowed to be compensated for your flying services.


Flight Instructor Certificate:


If you want to be a professional pilot instructor, you must undergo more challenging training.

A Flight Instructor Certificate involves learning instructional design, theories, and much deeper knowledge compared to commercial pilot training. Technically, flight instructors are being trained to train the commercial pilot students. This involves demonstrating techniques, knowledge on flying an aircraft, and keeping passengers safe.


Airline Transport Pilot Certificate:


This is the highest and most advanced certificate among all. An Airline Transport Pilot or ATP is the kind of pilot that we usually encounter when we are taking our vacation trips or going out of the country for business. ATPs are authorized to act as pilot in command in any commercial airlines schedule.


ATP has the highest salary rating, with more privileges, and compensation. In some other countries, there are more types of pilot certificates that an individual can obtain.


The six pilot certificates we discussed are the popular and well-known ones. Let us help you find your track and make it possible with WCC Aviation School in the Philippines.


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