Back in the day: Pilots who changed the world

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, Alexander Fleming, and Charles Darwin. These are just few of the several names we know who changed the world by doing the best in their jobs.

As kids, we probably all had our own idols—people who we immensely look up to. Role models can’t only be found on TV shows, movies, or books. Sometimes they’re lurking behind the scenes being the best in their careers. They can be doctors, teachers, social workers, or even pilots.

Having said that, here’s a list of inspirational icons who’ve made their marks upon the world of aviation

1.The Wright brothers

Orville and Wilbur Wright were pioneers of aviation. After years of studying aeronautics, they invented the first sustained and controlled airplane flight. The first flight was in 1903 and lasted for 59 seconds, which made a major impact on the future of aviation. The brothers continuously pursued the development of their invention.

In 1909, the brothers first sold the U.S government its first airplane. In addition, they managed to put up a flight school that trained some of the earliest aviators.

2. Paul Poberezny

Many aviators became famous through their inventions. One of them is Paul Poberezny. He invented an airplane of his own named “Pober Pixie.” His passion for aviation and his financial restrictions drove him to design his first aircraft, which was later manufactured by Acro Sport. He also served in the army as a flight instructor during World War II.

His passion inspired people to be more involved in aviation and aircraft restoration and preservation. Needless to say, he effected positive change upon the industry.

3. Amelia Earhart

The first female pilot to fly solo across Atlantic! In the early years of the invention of aircraft, it was a big deal to fly long distances. She worked to provide employment opportunities for women in aviation, and helped advance the position of women in the field.

4. Igor Sikorsky

Born in Russia, Igor Sikorsky founded his aircraft company in 1925 in the United States, where he had immigrated. While he developed fixed wing aircraft, including amphibious planes, he is more known for inventing the modern helicopter. He was not the first to ever invent it, but his prototype became the basis for all future generations of the flying vehicle. This was the V-300 and it became the first mass-produced helicopter with the U.S. military as Sikorsky’s first client. Sikorsky hoped that his invention could be a vehicle that could be used for personal travels. Instead, helicopters became a search-and-rescue craft used by the American armed forces.

5. Albert Lee Ueltschi

A.L Ueltschi is known to be the father of modern business aviation flight training. He found out, while flying, that pilots of business aircraft had no formal training. Not long after, he founded FlightSafety International.

Like you, they all started with one dream: to fly aircraft and help mankind conquer the skies. The dream ignited their passion which gave way to world-changing achievements they have accomplished.

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