Airline Career Opportunities in The Philippines

There’s something about seeing airplanes in the sky that makes people feel excited. It’s such a beautiful sight, almost like seeing a rainbow. It gives the idea of people going places and traveling the world.

The airline industry makes these things possible. They allow people to travel from origin to destination safely. To some, it is a goal to be part of the big world of the airline industry.

Each person in the airline industry is trained specifically to do the tasks they perform. Almost all of the jobs in the airline industry are certified and licensed.

If you ever dream of being one of the people who work together to make air travel possible, there are available airline professions here in the Philippines that you might just be perfect for.

Some of these jobs in the airline industry are based in the sky, while others are based on land. Here are some positions that allow employees to work for the skies:


  1. Commercial Aircraft Pilot

Commonly known as ‘the captain’, the pilot is in charge of all passengers and crew inside the aircraft he is flying. Despite the many responsibilities they hold, they need to be calm and collected when unpredictable weather strikes. They also make all the calls and important decisions in the plane.

To be a pilot, you’ll need good concentration and hand-eye coordination. It will also require a rigorous training and ample amount of flying time before trying to acquire a license.

But once all that is complete and the exams and practical are passed, you will earn the title captain and be able to travel for a living.


  1. Navigators

They are usually seated beside the pilot in the cockpit, operating the radio and navigating equipment for the aircraft.

Their other responsibilities include plotting the course of the plane, its distance, speed, and altitude. They also assist the pilot in flying the aircraft.

Just like pilots, navigators also require years of study and practice before getting licensed to fly.


  1. Flight Attendants

These are very essential part of every commercial flight.  Flight attendants are the people inside the plane that makes sure every passenger is comfortable and takes care of all their in-flight needs.

They show each passenger where to be seated and also serve the refreshments. In case of emergency, these flight attendants are trained to cater to common in-flight emergency situations.

There are courses that are specifically for this type of employment. However, you can also opt for a training training program and get certified. If certified, you can be a full-fledged flight attendant.


Those are some airline careers that are based in the skies, other jobs that allow employees to stay on land include:


  1. Aircraft Mechanic

Airlines are duty-bound to fly, and land their passengers safely. More than providing the necessary in-flight services, aircraft maintenance is as much a crucial part of making sure that passengers get to their destinations in one piece. This is where the important job of aircraft mechanics come in.

They are responsible for troubleshooting any mechanical troubles the aircraft may be having. Aside from that, they also perform the usual maintenance required for aircrafts and make all the necessary safety checks and measures.


  1. Avionics Technicians

Aircraft mechanics are for the mechanical aspects of an aircraft, avionics technicians are for the electrical aspects. They are in charge of the whole electronics system of the planes.

They repair, install and troubleshoot the avionic equipment to make sure they are all working and ready for flight.


  1. Ground or Airport Station Attendant

The people who help the passengers at the terminal with all their questions are the airport station attendants. They have many names; airline informational representative, special assistant coordinator or ground attendant.

Aside from answering questions, they also guide the passengers inside the airport. They provide the terminal services and give access to wheelchairs or any immediate needs the passenger may have.


  1. Flight Dispatchers

There are much information needed in airline operations such as the schedules, total distances, weather forecasts, alternate routes, and expected fuel use among others. It can be difficult to keep up, which is why only a qualified individual can become a flight dispatcher.

This person holds the key to every flight’s success. They make the decisions for each flight based on their database. They are expected to hold the information needed in airline operations.


  1. Operations Agent

More elaborately known as Airline Operations Agents, their responsibilities include bridging messages between pilots, ground crew and other airline staff. This is why they need excellent communication skills.

They also make decisions when flights are overbooked in such a way that will not make the flight too far off schedule.

A career in the airline industry is perfect for people who love traveling and everything about it. If you find that this is the career path you want to take, you have to show that you have what it takes. What’s most important is to get the training and study you need in order to be prepared for the challenging world of the airline industry.

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