A School With It’s Own Runway Will Work Best For You, And Here’s Why

You have to learn how to walk, then run, before learning how to jump. In the same way, aspiring pilots such as yourself must learn how to taxi and maneuver a plane on the ground before you can attempt to fly an aircraft.


Here’s where runways come in.


In a previous article, we’ve explained the pros of having a private runway in an aviation school. But for you, dear student, we give you three reasons why an aviation school with its own private runway should be your top choice.


  1. Cause of delay


Since you’re still a student learning the basics of taxiing, you likely won’t get the technique down pat on your first go at the tarmac. That’s why practicing at government or public airports might cause unnecessary ground traffic or delay their usual operations.


A delay in learning can also happen if you are limited to the schedules of the airport and the  availability of spaces to practice.


  1. Safer learning ground


Learning to taxi a plane outside school grounds has the potential for disaster.


Facilities in partner institutions and partner airports may be more realistic but that also means a greater risk for accidents that may endanger commercial flight passengers and airport personnel.


In an aviation school with its own runway, you have a realistic setup but with a more controlled environment. There won’t be families on vacation or disembarking tourists for you to worry about or fear hurting. You can focus on learning because everyone inside and outside your aircraft are teachers and trained professionals who will be ready for whatever mistake you may make.


  1. Cheaper alternative


If you had to learn taxiing in a borrowed runway, every move you make will have a corresponding amount to pay.


Because you are using a potential income-generating space or a portion of time that could be used to traffick commercial and or private flights, there will be an equivalent amount that you must compensate for.


Save on all these extra costs by enrolling in an aviation school that already provides its own runway. This places you in a position of privilege to learn without restrictions. WCC provides unique opportunities for students to have in-house, hands-on training in the field of flying. So what are you waiting for? Choose your school today. Choose WCC. Click on the WCC link now:


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