3 reasons why it’s cool to be a male flight attendant

There’s a common perception that all flight attendants are women. The job of flight attendant (FA) or flight steward isn’t exclusive to women–men can be great at it too!


Being a male FA is a fulfilling career with amazing benefits. Here are some of them:


Free Flights

The most obvious reason, being a flight attendant means you’ll travel around the world for free, as a part of your work description. Plus, you also get paid while doing so, making it more awesome. The flight attendant lifestyle is a flexible one, which allows you to travel all the time.


Salary range and other benefits

Who doesn’t want to receive a bigger salary? Flight attendants, both in local and international airlines, are well paid and receive some of the best benefits! The actual monthly gross of a local cabin crew ranges from P35,000 to P70,000 per month inclusive of productivity pay and other allowances.


Friends all over the world!
Interacting with dozens of people everyday could teach you about reading body language and human behavior. Flight attendant duties could help you connect with people. As a result, you’ll also be culturally educated and experienced.


But before reaping these benefits, you will need to learn from a good school to become the best! WCC Aviation School is one of the outstanding schools in the Philippines that offers hands-on training and lessons for you to become the FA that you’ve always dreamed of!


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