Why You Should Date An Aeronautical Engineer

No kidding. The job of “aeronautical engineer” might sound intimidating, complicated, or too nerdy–but the truth is, an Aeronautical Engineer: could be what you need to spice up your romantic life.


Let’s find out why:


The perfect date

Aeronautical engineers design the perfect streamline aircraft so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they can concoct the perfect romantic getaway for you. You can expect them to make that effort, and succeed for your pleasure.


The execution

They aren’t just good with words, but they follow through big time. Aside from designing kick-ass spacecrafts, they know how to test them to make them work, too. This is good news for you because you already know things will only get better.


Protection on point

They also design missiles and systems for the defense and protection of the country. So you can sleep safe knowing they got you covered, literally. If can protect an entire country, then you should be safe with them.


Dedicated loyalty package

They are dedicated to their job of creating and planning the next great innovation in aeronautics. You can be sure they will shower you with that same dedication. They’re hands are already full with work and you, so there isn’t room for anything or anyone else.


Down to the last detail

Aeronautical engineers are very good with details. They have to be. So naturally, they will be able to pick up on the little things you do, your little quirks, so they can treat you in the best way possible. Who doesn’t want that?


Focus like a hawk

Their job require 100% of their attention and skill. You can expect them to give that same level of focus and hard work on you and your relationship.


Long term only

They create complex designs by factoring in air resistance, drag, complications, and other challenges. They do this to make the aircraft function at maximum, and as safely as possible. The same goes for their relationships. They don’t plan for the short term but for a lifetime. And maybe that’s where you’ll find your relationship going.


Knowing all these, why not look into enrolling at WCC? It might be the start of a fulfilling career, as well as your first step to happily ever after.


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