Why international airlines are looking for pilots with an aviation degree

Aeronautics graduates do not only have more experience when it comes to academic and flight training, aeronautic students have the culture of safety embedded in their character because they spent their four to five years in an environment that gives priority to safety and security.


Pilots with BS Aviation Degrees


Degrees that concentrate on the dynamics of flight and whose core curriculum is focused on all aspects of aviation giving them a multi-faceted view of the industry whether its technical, business or commercial aspects.


Pilots with BS Aircraft Maintenance


As future pilots, aircraft mechanics have the advantage on not just learning how to fly but also knowing the technical aspect of the aircraft that they are utilizing. Pilots with aircraft maintenance background are more knowledgeable on the systems of an aircraft than a pilot coming out of a business course.


Pilots with Aeronautical Engineering Degree


Aeronautical engineers are some of the top caliber students of aviation. Their exposure to physics, matemathics and all the aspects of aviation are hard to match with any other course, making them a valuable asset in the airline and aviation industry. Pilots with aeonautical engineering background are usually tracked to become pilots of large commercial aircrafts.


With the right diplomas and proper training in your hands, international airlines will have no

problem opening their gates for you.


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