Why Do Airbus Pilots Command Higher Salaries?

Generally, people perceive pilots as people who are in the higher strata of living because they earn higher salary and get to enjoy exclusive perks.

But apparently not all pilots are created equal.

According to a recent study conducted by Professional Pilot, pilots aboard the Airbus command a higher salary.

Among pilots manning other types of planes, an Airbus chief pilot can get a whooping pay of about 29% higher than those who are driving large jet-type aircraft.

As for chief pilots driving super midsize jets, Airbus chief pilots get 42% more and 79% more than midsize chief jets pilots.

And it keeps getting sweeter. Compared to a light jet chief pilot, an Airbus pilot takes about 111% more in salary.

Indeed, being a pilot and moreover, an airbus pilot gives you a bigger piece of the airline cake.

The tempting invite of this career brings you to places (figuratively and literally) and paves the way for greater opportunities.

The aviation industry is getting stiffer and stiffer as more airlines rise, consequently leading to the need for more pilots.

A career in aviation here in the Philippines is one of the most sought-after because of the many advantages that go along with it.

The great news is that for those planning on studying aviation, quality flight training is now readily accessible with the Airbus A320 Flight Simulator.

In order to have that relaxing, comfortable and safe flight, it is a must that pilots are well-trained and trained pilots are only possible if they are being groomed by the right institution with the right facilities and equipment.

The Airbus Simulator is state-of-the-art equipment, featuring the actual Airbus flight controls and instruments. It also provides 3D images of airport runways, cities, terrains, and a control deck that allows you to change weather conditions.

These features allow students to have the full experience of flying a plane, giving them the knowledge and inโ€“depth knowโ€“how to fly with a real plane.

The Airbus Simulator is offered at WCC Aviation Company, one of the best aviation companies in Asia that offers quality training and education.

Excellent training, will, determination and passion are just some of the most important factors into securing a career in the aviation industry.

If you dream of making it as a pilot, start early by reading and researching. It would be a great gain to have foremost knowledge about the industry, and understand it in advance.

It pays to be in this career but with hard work, the toil is rewarding.


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