What Pilot Students Can Learn From Looking Outside The Window

Every pilot began with a dream. Every dream began with a vision.


Where can you begin?


Look out the nearest window and gaze upon the afternoon sky. Birds and insects aren’t the only things that own the heavens. Mankind has also made his mark. Imagine yourself up there, sitting in the cockpit of an airplane, wearing a captain’s suit with polished, leather black shoes — on your way to foreign lands.


You know you were born to be a pilot.


You apply for aviation schools in the country to train and learn. You read the books, take the courses and sit in your classes, itching to step inside a cockpit and feel the weight of the plane in your hands. Slowly you understand the ins and outs of aviation: its history, its principles, and all of its secrets.


You learn to master the machines that take man to the skies. Each gear and cog is familiar to you now, all of them working together in an unbreakable sequence to defy the law of gravity.


But there’s more to pilotry than the machines.


Instead, it is the places you travel, the people you meet and conversations you share, the environment, the exotic food that tickle your taste buds. They leave memories that change how you look at the world.


The sunny afternoon turns to a cold night. The day is done but your dreams last longer.


There’s always an adventure waiting for those brave enough to touch new ground. Start yours now.


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