What Is It With Flying That Makes Kids Dream of Becoming Pilots?

Swoosh, swoosh, and zoom” is the favorite line of a kid trying to imitate the sound of a plane.In the world of imagination and innocence, flying is the best thing that could ever happen to a child — an ultimate dream perhaps.

Playing with their paper planes, a dream has hatched in the minds of this cute little “pilots.”

One of the greatest things in life is seen in the eyes of a child —  being care free, loving, and adventurous.

Whenever a child sees a plane coursing its way through the sky, you might hear one or two of them say “I want to be a pilot someday!”

Being a pilot provides a lot of perks that would really serve as a tempting invite for anyone.

Chron, the online version of Texas’ largest daily newspaper, gave a run-down of some of the most superb benefits of being a pilot.

The world is in your hands!

A pilot absolutely has the world in his hands, getting the chance to fly to different countries around the world, seeing the diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes across the globe. Pilots also get to have amazing discounts or even free accommodation.

Stretchy schedules

Being a pilot entails a lot of work, contradicting the notion that pilots have a very relaxed job, but even though their jobs can be quite demanding, their schedules are very flexible.

Health plus wealth

Pilots get the lavish treatment when it comes to their health, they are provided with complete medical coverage not only for them but also for their families, aside from that they get to enroll themselves in a 401k savings plan for free. Talk about living like a king!


Ever get the feeling that pilots has the most fashionable, and cool-looking uniforms? The best part –it’s all free of charge. Aside from their free uniforms they are also entitled to discounts to free meals while their flying or in a hotel.

Money makes the world go round

In this list, the last is probably the most sought- after reason why many desire to be a pilot – a COMPETITIVE SALARY.

The aviation industry is one of the most high-paying industries, and you get to have one of the greatest perks anyone would wish for.

I bet after reading this you are so into flying already. However, being a pilot comes with huge responsibilities, specially, because the life of the passengers on board is on his hand.


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