The Future of Aeronautical Engineering Career in South East Asia

Southeast Asia’s aerospace industry started to grow that it increased the demand for professionals that specialize in aeronautics. Different countries in the region started to develop and build more aerospace parks like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, and even the Philippines, having Clark Airport in Pampanga as its Aerospace Centre.

Seletar Aerospace Park in Singapore is one of the front-runners in the industry of aerospace. Today, it houses leading airlines not just in Singapore, but also in the whole world, such as Rolls-Royce, Singapore Technologies Aerospace, Jet Aviation, Eurocopter South East Asia and EADS Innovation Works. With its completion, it expected to open 10,000 skilled and technical jobs. Singapore also serves as a service hub for the aerospace maintenance, repair and operations business and the leading aerospace hub in Asia.

Land allocation in Southeast Asian countries is an advantage for the expansion of the aerospace hubs. With the low labor cost and tax rates, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines have a good chance to become a main aerospace hub in a few years’ time. With their expansion, these Southeast Asian countries attract foreign investors and world renowned airlines to sign up and move in to their aerospace hubs. The development and expansion of the aerospace parks and hubs in the Southeast Asian countries does not only open doors to job opportunities, but also helps the country’s economy with foreign investments.

With the growth of the aerospace industry in Southeast Asia, today’s youth has started to become aware of the courses such as Aeronautical Engineering and other aviation-related courses. Students of aviation courses have promising opportunities waiting for them where they can use all the skills and knowledge they’ve learned throughout their college program. The career for Aeronautical Engineering students is not limited to building and designing aircraft, but it also expands to programming systems for aircraft, as well as researching for new technologies in aviation.

As the most comprehensive aviation school in the Philippines, WCC Aviation School is the best training ground for aspiring young Filipino Aeronautical Engineers. They have the chance to experience an advance and modern training even without going out of the country.WCC Aviation School’s airfield in Binalonan, Pangasinan would have its students experience first-hand comprehensive flight training. With its advanced facilities and equipment, WCC Aviation School produces only the best young professionals in the field of aeronautics and aviation.


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