Reasons Why Women Should Not Be Afraid To Study Aeronautics

“It’s a boy’s course.”

A phrase like this can be heard whenever people talk about aeronautical courses– or other engineering courses. Most engineering schools in the Philippines are dominated by men. Data from The Independent even said that women only account for 16 percent of the aircraft, spacecraft, and manufacturing industry workforce.

But Amelia Earhart– the first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean– says otherwise. So did Jessica Cox, the world’s first licensed armless pilot.

Those are just a few names that broke the deep-rooted stereotypes in the aviation industry. And if they can be successful in aeronautics, the next generation of female pilots, aviators, and engineers can, too.

So, if you’re having second thoughts of pursuing aeronautics because of your gender, steel yourself! Because nothing is really stopping you from taking up the career path you’ve chosen.


For one, it’s not about your gender.

According to Maggie Aderin, head of optical instrumentation in European company Astrium, a lot of females say that they don’t want to get an engineering course because they don’t see a lot of female engineers.


Don’t get caught in this mob mentality.


If you’re a woman and you dream of being in the aviation industry, then go for it! Do not be discouraged by the fact that the female group is outnumbered in the industry. Always remember that the possibility of becoming a female aviator isn’t determined by the number of female students in a class.
It’s not about Legos® and Dolls anymore
If women were kept mostly to playing dolls when they were young, the case isn’t the same when they grow up. Some women tend to like Legos® as they age, and that doesn’t make them any less of a woman.

Same goes for being a female aeronautics student, choosing this certain field doesn’t make you any less of a woman. It’s about time that people broke the stereotypes in choosing a career path.

The only key you need in succeeding in the career of your choice is the mindset that you are qualified for the job and that you can perform to the best of your abilities.


Opportunities are left and right

The field of aeronautics– or any field in particular– poses huge opportunities for both men and women. Women are, in fact, seen to balance out the male dominated field of aeronautics. This definitely brings many opportunities for any aspiring female aviators, pilots, and aeronautical engineers like you.

“Aerospace offers such fantastic opportunities: the chance to develop or use the latest technology, lots of support for professional development, the excitement of flying and space, and a complex network of companies with interesting ways to move laterally and vertically during your career. There’s something for everyone, women included!” Rosalind Azouzi, Royal Aeronautical Society said.


Don’t be afraid to break that stereotype. Go on and play with those Lego blocks, be one of the few women in your aeronautics class! Who knows, you might just be the next Amelia Earhart and Jessica Cox of this generation.


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