How to Boost Your Chances of Getting Hired as Flight Attendant

Being a flight attendant is probably one of the most sought after jobs not only in the Philippines but all over the world. In fact, a good majority of high school students who are taking up courses such as Tourism, Hotel and Restaurant Management, or Foreign Service are doing so because they want to boost their chances of being hired as cabin crew in major airlines here and abroad.

A couple of decades ago, competition for the job was not as stiff. Back then, many local airlines were willing to take in college undergrads or even high school graduates. But with the growing number of youngsters getting interested in the job, airline companies—though they know that demand for flight attendants will continue to rise—now enjoy the luxury of imposing tighter requirements. For instance, Philippine Airlines said it will only process applicants with a college degree.

A year ago, Delta Air Lines in the US announced that the growing demand for air travel enabled it to come up with vacancies for as many as 1,000 flight attendants.  A few days after making this announcement, the airline received no less than 100,000 applicants.

Ms. Maan Tuazon-Guico, Director of WCC Aviation Flight Attendant School and herself a former flight attendant, said, since there are a lot of students and professionals who want to become part of a cabin crew, it’s important to get that needed edge to land the job.

“Education and experience is important. Airlines are also looking for people who are not just qualified in terms of height and looks, they also want crew members who have customer relations and service background,” she said.

This is what additional training can provide. Institutions like WCC Aviation Flight Attendant School are giving out a specialized 45-day course for aspiring flight attendants consisting of modules on Personality Development, Aircraft Familiarization, Safety Procedures, Customer Service, and In-Flight Food Service.

“Our school follow, if not exceed, the usual training airline companies provide their candidates. This gives our students an immediate edge because they already took a course which they are supposed to take once they pass the initial screenings. Employers are also motivated to give our graduates a chance because they know that they have what it takes to complete their in-house training,” she said.

WCC Aviation Flight Attendant School must be doing something right, as hundreds of former students are now part of various airline cabin crews both here and outside the country.

Ms. Tuazon-Guico also offered some tips for flight attendant applicants, especially when they are about to undergo the screening process.

“First impression is important. This cannot be stressed enough. When you walk in, exude a happy but professional look. Smile and be courteous to everyone that you meet. And do come in wearing strict business attire. This means skirt, blouse, and blazer for the ladies with closed high-heeled shoes. Put your hair up in a bun, as this will help them better visualize you as a flight attendant. For the guys, wear long sleeves, tie, and a suit. Polish those shoes,” she said.

She also said applicants should take notice of their posture. Chin should go parallel to the floor to create an air of politeness and confidence.

“Lastly, rehearse. Most especially, be ready for that one minute pitch about yourself when interviewers ask you ‘tell me something about yourself.’ Memorize your answer if you have to so you can focus on maintaining eye contact. Once you get past the first question, everything else will fall into place,” she said.


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