How Long Does It Takes to Become a Commercial Airline Pilot

Do you have a dream of becoming a licensed commercial airline pilot and work in a well-known airline company? It is one of the most glamorous, exciting and most rewarding professions in the world which transports passengers and cargo, and gets to fly to either domestic or international destinations.

So, donโ€™t let that dream of yours be a dream in the air only. Start to reach for your dream and experience the best knowledge that suits your cherished aspiration. But how long before you become one? The actual process takes time and much dedication. It takes about six months to a year of dedicating yourself to the task full time.  But surely, it would be rewarding once youโ€™ve reached your dream.

Before you take off, have a glance on the commercial pilot training courses, requirements, and all about the amazing flight trainings to have an overview on how long would it take to become a commercial airline pilot.

Commercial pilot training time

As required by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), the minimum number of hours of flight training is 110 hours plus 40 hours of widespread flight training as private pilot, for a total of 150 hours.  An important requirement to become a licensed commercial pilot is a private pilot certificate. Meaning, you should first become a private pilot. The training time depends on your availability and choice.

Commercial pilot training courses

In an article by the Hubpages, an open community website engaged in sharing various information from writers, explorers, knowledge seekers and conversation starters, the commercial pilot training courses in the Philippines are composed of two main courses โ€“ the ground course and the flight course. These training courses are prerequisites to have a commercial pilot license. The ground course usually covers 110 hours of ground schooling that include matters dealing with aircraft aerodynamics, flight course outline that covers medical and human factors, flight instrument system and environment, weight and balance, emergency procedures, conventional and turbine power plant, civil air regulations and licensing, air traffic control and communication procedure, advanced meteorology, weather forecasts and reports, advanced radio navigation, flight computer, advanced air navigation and cross country flight planning. For the flight course, it covers advanced flight trainings of at least 150 logged hours of flight time of both commercial maneuvers and emergency procedures. All of these activities will prepare you to pass the Air Transportation Office (ATO) commercial pilot licensure exam and ratings.

Commercial Pilot Requirements

The criteria for commercial pilot requirements include being at least 18 years of age, holding a private pilot certificate, being able to read, speak, write, and understand the English language. You must also hold a valid first class medical certificate, pass the ATO Knowledge (General) Test, pass the ATO Practical Flight Test and Oral Examination or check ride.

Commercial pilots and other kinds of pilots are increasing in demand each year especially in the booming aviation industry in the Asia Pacific region. An aviation degree will bring you among the top choices in getting hired. Make your dreams come true and soar high!


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