Here Are Seven Surprising Reasons Why You Should Be A Flight Attendant

Admit it, being a flight attendant is a dream career everybody has fancied having at least once in their life. Being a flight attendant enables you to be the face of an airline company and a representative of their standard!

But aside from the obvious, being a flight attendant (FA) is a wonderful job with very specific but otherwise amazing benefits. Here’s some few of them:

  1. Flexible working hours

Being an FA isn’t your typical 8-9 office job. Contrary to popular belief, senior FAs can “bid” for their work schedule. This means they can choose, trade, or change which routes they fly and work in – all according to your preference and lifestyle.

In short, your work is customizable. Cool, right?

  1. Work-life balance is a reality!

In the airline industry, especially if you are an FA, work-life balance is not a myth!

In fact, FAs can get as many off days as they want after a long, strenuous flight. You can get all the time you need to recharge for another! Plus – and a big plus, at that – you don’t get home work with you. As soon as the last passenger steps out of the cabin, work’s done! As easy as that!

  1. Cha-Ching Free Flights

And you know the best part about getting free flights? You also get paid for it! If you’re an adventurous type of person who loves exploring and experiencing the world first hand, being an FA would definitely take your dreams to flight – literally!

  1. A pay a day, takes the FA’s dullness away!

Yes and yes! You get paid even if you’re not technically working. Drinking at a hotel bar and resting like a log on the sofa still gets you paid – per day! As long as you’re not on your home base, and you’re still technically within your flight schedule, you get compensated for it.

  1. No age discrimination

Gone are the days when an FA has an expiration date. The aviation industry has become progressive along with the times and are now more lenient when it comes to the age of potential candidates for an FA post.

Sure there are still age limits and they vary from airline to airline, but they are not as outrageous as they were before. As long as you have the essential requirements and skills needed for being a FA, you’re in the haul for a new adventure!

  1. Freeee-dom!

It took many, many years before the Philippines got their independence from their subjugators. But in the FA industry, it’s entirely different case!

As soon as you step in as a cabin crew, you’re on your own! You’re your own boss! Of course, there are flight attendant manuals you have to strictly abide to, but you can rest assured that nobody’s keeping an eye on you every minute—unless you are a trouble maker, of course.

Aside from its obvious prestige, being a FA has many, hidden quirks! After all, there’s a reason why many flight attendants stay on the industry for years – even for their entire career life! And you wouldn’t know this reason unless you experience being a flight attendant yourself.

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Happy flying!


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