Aviation Trends to Watch Out For This 2018

With fresh ideas from airline professionals and insights from travelers around the globe, the air industry promises a whole new level of flying this 2018. The following trends are to watch out for and will surely be part of your next trip!

Airline crew robots

What would you feel if robots approached you while you’re high up in the skies? Don’t be surprised because airport guide robots are in! These airport-based robots can speak in several languages which is a better way to communicate with passengers of different ethnicities. They are not only designed to guide flight passengers—airport robots also have the skills to maintain cleanliness in the cabin.

Biometric Improvement

Security is just one of the highlights of the improvement of the biometrics system in the airline industry. In-seat immigration clearance, payment, and options for choosing entertainment based on personal preference will be offered through biometrics as well.

Customized Passengers’ Seats

Travelers’ demands get higher each year, so airline companies found a way to meet these expectations by providing premium customized seats. These seats can be personalized and made extra comfortable with soft material finishes along with additional USB ports and portable electronic device (PED) holders.

Digital Twins Upgrade

Digital Twins’ features will be upgraded so they are able to use more advanced monitoring engines. In aviation, a “digital twin” is a virtual replica of an aircraft engine which monitors the performance of an aircraft while it is in the air. Aircraft engineers use this for the maintenance of the aircraft. This makes maintenance optimization as one of the key changes happening this 2018. With this upgrade, lesser flight delays and cancellations due to maintenance malfunction can be expected.

With these trends, innovation in aviation is continuous and better solutions each year are offered by the airline professionals. If you want to be a game changer in the aviation industry, you can become one by honing  your skills at one of the top performing aviation schools in the Philippines. Visit to know more.


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