Airlines need more female pilots. Here’s why

In recent times, females aren’t just only associated with beauty and fashion, there are women out there brave enough to take the challenge and secure a seat in the cockpit.


Tammie Jo, the newest hero of the commercial aviation industry, cooly handled the Boeing Co. 737 after its engine blew apart mid-flight.  She safely landed the aircraft and saved many lives. However, in a male-dominated industry, female pilots make up only five percent or 7,000 thousand of the total 130,000 thousand commercial pilots in the world.


Although old school stereotypes and misconceptions still perpetuate the industry, women have proven that they are just as capable when it comes to handling crises, aside from the fact that a woman is just as a good a pilot as any man. Here are a few more reasons why airline companies need women:


The pilot shortage

According to a study by Airbus, in 2036 we need at least 637,000 thousand pilots to fulfill the growing demands of the industry. Recruiting female pilots is a major factor to answer this demand. Even though, traditionally, the occupation has been considered to be a man’s job. Remember that they’re still people, same as men, capable of doing anything.


The advantage of a female brain

The female brain is more likely to remember maps and routes while driving an aircraft; thus, less chance of getting lost. The female brain can quickly gather and interpret more data, making them efficient and reliable drivers.


Women and their fast reflexes

According to an army report shared by TIME Magazine, women react and can shift their work quicker than their male counterpart. Because of their fast reflexes, they are capable of avoiding accidents and have the potential to save hundreds of lives daily. In addition, women can also handle navigation with more finesse.


The bravery of female pilots

Just like Amelia Earhart and Tammie Jo, female pilots have shown their bravery in times of distress. They know how to handle the situation without panicking and could land the aircraft, along with its passengers, safely with ease. Despite the misconceptions, air travellers can clearly trust a female pilot without worrying about the safety of the flight.


Times have changed and airlines should keep up. The boom in the air travel industry calls for more pilots, and even other aviation professions; women are ready and willing to help answer this demand.


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