Airline operations aren't going 'the way of the dodo' anytime soon. Here's why

In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence or AI performs many tasks faster and better than humans can. Factories, offices, banks, and even hospitals and military camps now rely on artificial intelligence for certain crucial jobs.

Just think, for example: millions or even billions of dollars’ worth of financial transactions are made every day. How do banks all over the world keep track of all that? Without AI running financial software, it would be impossible. Human accountants simply don’t have the brainpower to process and monitor the sheer volume and complexity of the transactions.

Soon, millions of workers will lose their jobs as they are replaced with AI counterparts.


Robot planes?

We all know that an aircraft today can fly on autopilot. So yes, AI is already being used to help fly aircrafts. However, that does not mean that robot planes will replace human pilots anytime soon.

Aviation is a complex and even chaotic system. While AI can be programmed to recognize, anticipate, and respond to changes, obstacles, and potential threats, it still cannot do all that as well as a human pilot can.

Human pilots can track changes in the wind and weather, even as they monitor fuel consumption and take control during turbulence. What if, for example, a pregnant passenger on board needs medical attention? Or what if there’s a terrorist threat?

There are instances when the system can be hacked; hijackers don’t need to be on the airplane anymore to inflict problems on multiple flights. If there are no pilots on board, who will be there to prevent such disasters from happening?

Furthermore, most people won’t feel safe on a pilot-less airplane. Passengers have no assurance that AI can handle and respond effectively and safely to all potential problems and risks.


Passengers will always trust an airline pilot. They feel safe knowing that there is a pilot willing to do everything to ensure their safety. One thing is for sure, AIs won’t take away your dream job. So you can sit back and relax since human pilots will be here for a long time to come.


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