7 Reasons Why Business Managers Should Have the Attitude of a Pilot

Business managers, like pilots, are expected to handle businesses and bring the people under him to their destination, in the best possible and conceivable conditions. In the process of “flight” they are responsible for the life and survival of their passengers, or in this case their employees. Here are some pilot virtues business managers should learn to adopt.

Critical thinking

Pilots are expected to think fast especially during cases of in-flight emergencies. This circumstance is comparable to sensitive business decisions that could make or break the company. In these situations, remember: Don’t just think fast, think smart. Learn to make critical decisions based on logical, empirical, inventive, and instinctive grounds; while also taking into consideration time constraints. First, survey the scope and gravity of the situation, what are your parameters? Once determined, think of several possible solutions and weigh them on their margin of success and feasibility to the situation. When all is set and done, make a choice, and stick to it.

Intelligent risk takers

While failure due to risks is inevitable, your errors will diminish in the long run. This is because as you course on through your business endeavors, you will learn from your mistakes and you will learn to intelligently weigh options. In the long run, learn to assess and measure risks that will teach you how to gamble intelligently.


Pilots are trained to self-evaluate when it comes to thinking and planning. This allows to keep a healthy rain-check on weak and strong points so pilots may improve them further. Self-assessment helps pilots their behavior and skills to see if they can recognize areas that will lead them to trouble. Being a business man, you can apply this to yourself as well. Being able to assess yourself will help you and your future business ventures in the long run. If you learn how improve an area make sure you give it some thought and attempt to make it better.

Best foot forward

Pilots can’t afford to settle for mediocre work. Settling for an “OK” flight is a recipe for disaster. Every flight should be excellent to ensure not only your safety, but your crew, and most especially, your passengers. Taking them to their destination is the pilot’s responsibility. Great input is often equally rewarded. Being the businessman that you are, you should only settle for nothing less than excellent. Wise work, perseverance, consistency, and smart decisions will guarantee satisfaction not only to yourself, but also your business partners, and ultimately – your business.


Man up and admit your mistakes. Someone who can’t take the responsibility to admit their own errors are denying themselves the ability to correct them and become better.

Handling Stress

During flights, a pilot is a leader, and in times of distress, a leader is expected to remain calm and his people shall follow. Leading by example, as they say. Panicking and stressing over problems won’t solve anything. A good and effective leader can stay calm despite chaos and think of a solution that can get them out of a sticky situation. Businessmen should be the same. When all else seem to be falling apart, you should not. People are looking up to you. Show them how it’s done.

The right kind of confidence

Being bold and brave when not weighed and filtered may lead arrogance. Know the limitation of your abilities and be aware when to take caution. Possessing a can-do attitude is good, but a can-do-anything-and-everything may cause lives. Everyone has their limits—be aware of them and learn to work around them. Once addressed, stretch these limits. It’s possible.


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