12 Reasons Why You Should Be a Pilot

Are you at that phase in life where you are wondering what type of career you should pursue? Or maybe you just want to change your career path. There are plenty of factors to consider before choosing a definite career path. Is it something you are passionate about? Will it be able to sustain you and your future family? Will it allow for personal growth? There are plenty of career opportunities out there. You are young, and you feel like the world is yours for the taking. You just have to make the right choice. You may want to consider becoming a pilot. Being a pilot is one of the many professions that allow you to have fun on the job, and it also has plenty of perks you may not be aware of. Here are 12 reasons why you should be a pilot.

Traveling is part of the job description

Getting paid to fly the plane means getting to the destination where the plane must be. Just imagine all the countries you can visit in the whole span of your career. Traveling is a fun and interesting experience that will let you delve into different types of culture and people.

You get to take your family with you

Bold Method, a website dedicated to creating aviation content says that one of the many benefits pilots have is getting to take your family on a trip either for free, or with a big discount. This opportunity will allow you to have fun and bond with each other while discovering other parts of the world.

You get to enhance your critical thinking

Being a pilot demands for crucial decision making, as it is guaranteed that you will be faced with difficult situations on the job. But such experiences will be rewarded in due time as difficulties build character as well as a strong mind.

You instantly become a part of your passengers’ dreams

People who ride the plane you drive have dreams of getting into the countries they are about to visit. Instantly, you become a part of that dream because of the fact that you are the one driving that plane. Therefore, you are somehow a part of the bridge that will get them to their destination.

You have a right to covet the sky

Once you’re up there, it’s yours, basically. You are granted with the privilege to soar with the clouds. Just imagine that spectacular view.

Pilots are the boss of the aircraft

When there’s a passenger who disrespects you or his fellow passengers, you are given the right to reprimand him or even kick him out. Also, you are free to give out incentives to good passengers like free food or even a seat upgrade.

The uniforms instantly make you look sharp

Pilots’ uniforms can transform any man to a Mr. Darcy—classy and dapper. Very attractive.

They take responsibility seriously

According to Scoop Empire, and online outlet that predicts the latest trends in the Middle East, pilots are very responsible people given that they must always be clean, knowing that they may be candidate to a random drug testing. Aside from this, they know better than drinking the night before they board the plane. They are aware of their responsibility to the plane and to the passengers in it.

A pilot’s vacation is truly a vacation

During a pilot’s free time, it seriously means free time. They don’t have to excuse themselves once in a while for business related phone calls, or instantly disappear for an emergency business meeting. Unlike doctors, journalists and other businessmen, pilots don’t have to be on call. So they can surely enjoy a peaceful and stress-free vacation.

Pilots are an intelligent breed

To be a pilot, it requires ample knowledge of mathematics, physics, and climate. It is given that as a pilot, you are expected to know these things. Plus, who else can operate the complex system of an aircraft? No other than the pilot himself.

Pilots know how to get along with people

Building a strong relationship with co-pilots and flight stewardesses is a need that a pilot must accomplish. Having this provides a smooth flight with little worries, and an efficient work-place for the pilot and his team.

Developing a different perspective

Rick Thomas shares in his website that having the ability to fly an aircraft and see the rest of the world in a way that no one else has can be a very humbling experience for a pilot. The experience of flying allows you to realize how truly big the world is, and how you—a singular human being—equates to a tiny grain of dust in a vast universe. You are gifted with the privilege to marvel at the beauty that Mother Earth is.



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