Not good in math, but want to get your pilot license? Here’s what you can do:

Driving an aircraft is no joke and the process to get your hands on sailing the skies is even drastic. I mean how does one survive aviation school without having to whack your head with numbers and math? It gets even worse if you’re not the biggest fan of the subject.

But don’t worry because being a Math whiz isn’t the beginning and end to your budding flying career. In fact, you can actually do away with it and still be able to get your hands on that pilot certificate!

Here’s how, we suggest, you approach the situation:


1.      Master the basics

Contrary to the public knowledge, you can be a pilot even when you’re not well in math. According to retired Capt. Angelito Cristobal of Philippine Airlines, you can still get a pilot license by sticking to basics that are useful like the four basic arithmetic operations and formulas for fuel consumption, speed, time, weight and balance.

Apparently, training nowadays is fully computerized, meaning trainees doesn’t need to memorize or compute details of the flights anymore. What a relief!

2.     Consume what is useful

You will encounter handful of lessons when preparing for your aviation exam but dig into topics that will possibly useful in real life situations. Focus on how to read flight charts for landing and takeoff distances, effect of winds in the flight performance or maybe the corrections to remember to maintain a smooth course. Remember to devote time on these areas for an effective learning experience.

3.     Get a Bachelor’s Degree

You can get a pilot license when you have secured a certificate from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) and you passed the Aviation Training Organization (ATO). But after that, what are going to do? Use your license of course! But these days, you have to remember that commercial airline companies are looking for individuals with a bachelor’s degree that covers aviation curriculum and experience. Having an impressive experience under the right institution will help you to not only get a pilot license but to get a career out of it.

4.     Get a lot of hands on

Actual flying skills are what really matters when you want to get your license. Invest in a lot of flying time because the best teacher is experience. You can easily get the hang of flying this way and increase the chances of you passing the licensing tests. Of course, you need to have these hands on experiences in the guidance of a great instructor because safety is most important.

5.     Find a good flying school

Where else can you really learn flying than in flying school? There are a lot of good flying schools that can teach you all you need to know about flying despite the fact that you’re a little bit at war with your math skills.

 You don’t need to be a math wiz in order to get your very own license. Just hard work, determination, and a lot of help from the experts, you’ll be well on your way to realize your dream of being able to fly.


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