5 Reasons Why Airline Pilots Have the Coolest Jobs in the World. Number 4 Would Make You Want to Switch Careers

If the source of job satisfaction comes from a well, then commercial airline pilots in the Philippines and abroad must be getting theirs from a very, very deep well.

It’s a given that most of them get top-notch pay. We know as a matter of fact that a First Officer in a major Philippine airline company gets a monthly salary of about P180,000 while a captain gets around P280,000 a month.

But the monthly pay barely scratches the surface; the entire compensation package for pilots offers so much more, both monetary and non-monetary. And with such fierce demand for the job, majority of airline companies have really gone all out – from the usual to the downright outrageous – just to lure captains and first officers to join their companies.

So instead of listing down the perks that come with the job, we’d rather list down some of the things that make commercial airline pilot such an awesome calling. By this, we are referring to the standard stuff that brings so much fulfillment for people manning the cockpit.

  1. Travel buffet Most pilots enter the profession because of their love for travel. This is exactly what they get. International commercial pilots are the true citizens of the world because, for all intents and purposes, they are paid to fly from one country to the next. What’s even great about it is that airlines are also mandated to take care of the pilot’s board, lodging, and other expenses while he’s outside his country of residence. To top it off, pilots have additional non-work-related travel benefits, which basically allows them and their family to go see the world, often for free, if not at a very generous discounted rate.
  2. Pilots get to pick where they want to reside For many of us, our mode of commuting usually involves buses, taxis, and trains. Not so for pilots. Air travel is a commonplace means of transportation and, as such, their world is way lot smaller than most people. The ease of travel has made it easy for them to handpick any place they want to reside as long as the province or country is serviced by their airline. This gives them a very expanded set of choices when it comes to deciding which place to live in.
  3. Perfect for People Persons Remember the classic beauty pageant line, “I joined this contest to meet more people?” If you truly as the Miss or Mister Congeniality type of person, no other job is more gratifying for you than an airline pilot. Since you travel from one country to another, you get exposed to a lot of cultures and certainly a whole bunch of interesting people. The best part is people like you back. Unlike other professions, say lawyers or sales agents, airline pilots are generally loved and respected. There is just so much respect for the profession that not a few would regard it a personal honor to be in acquaintance with a pilot.
  4. Age is not an employment issue as long as you remain fit, you will never have to worry about getting older and losing your edge if you’re a commercial airline pilot. Because of the intense demand for the job, many airline companies won’t even make a fuss if you are 50-something or older. This is the reason why many are now looking at the job as a very viable career change option. For instance, WCC Aviation’s Flexi Pilot program – a flight module that allows professionals to take up flight training part time – has been gaining a lot of interest because people know that even in their 30s or 40s, they can pursue aviation training – and still be very employable at that.
  5. You won’t have to worry about taking your job home Stress and sometimes marital tension erupt when people are forced to take their jobs home. How many times have you realized that you job sucks simply because it follows you at home, when you should be taking a break or spending quality time with your loved ones? Pilots don’t have this problem. Sure they may take long flights, but they also get days or weeklong breaks in exchange. This allows them to really make up for lost time, maybe even take a quick getaway with people they love, without worrying a single thing about pending jobs they need to attend to later on.


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