WCC Aeronautical & Technological College

The aviation industry is so multifaceted that the demand for professionals from this highly dynamic field continues to soar each year. Here at WCC Aerotech College, we help you determine the path you want to take and explore countless opportunities available to you right after graduation.

WCC Aerotech College takes pride in being the only higher education institution in the Philippines that offers aviation courses in Regions 1, 2, the Cordillera Autonomous Region (CAR) and Northern Manila. We are also the only aviation school to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation (Commercial Flying) with an Airbus A320 Rating,

More than just a flying school, WCC Aerotech College also offers allied courses relevant to establishing a solid foundation for a successful career in aviation. Our fully-accredited general education program cultivates students’ critical thinking, communication and social skills in addition to curriculum activities that focus on excellent technical training. Furthermore, we draw on a holistic approach to give students a well-rounded experience, shaping them into highly adaptable and competitive individuals who excel in their chosen career path.

Courses and programs offered:

  • BS Aviation Major in Commercial Flying
  • BS Aviation Major in Airline Operation Management
  • BS Aeronautical Engineering
  • BS Aircraft Maintenance Technology
  • BS Tourism
  • Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Technology

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