Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (URT)

“What should I do if my airplane flips? Can I handle the airplane … Can I handle myself?”

Whether you have 10,000 hours under your belt or are just starting out, no doubt, these thoughts have crossed your mind.

Civil aviation organizations across the globe have identified Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) incidents as the leading cause of modern aviation accidents. What they are saying is that if things get out-of-control, you better be able to take charge, grab that airplane by the horns and keep yourself and passengers safe.

And that is where Upset Prevention & Recovery Training comes in.

At WCC, we work with URT/Aerobatic experts Camiguin Aviation to provide our students unusual attitude scenarios and recovery techniques that will prove invaluable throughout their flying career. As Camiguin Aviation’s Capt. Sean would tell you,

“It’s all about flying the Angle of Attack, letting go of control to gain control.”

So, join us at WCC. Not only will URT make you a more confident and safer pilot, you are also giving the airlines what they REALLY want to see on your resume.

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