Multi-Engine Course (ME)

Having a Multi-engine Rating is getting the chance to fly what most people consider a real airplane- more than one engine, high performance, fast and usually stacked for instrument flying.

WCC’s Multi Engine Type Rating Course provides the skills required to safely operate a twin-engine aircraft. Students will be taught in a Piper Seminole PA 34-200, a 6-seat, counter-rotating engines airplane that will quickly allow students to eventually transition to other types in the future. For prospective Commercial Pilots, a Multi Engine Type Rating is essential to both build experience and obtain a position flying charter or in the

Entry Requirements:
Valid 1st or 3rd Class Medical Certificate
Private Pilot License (PPL) or Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
English Language Proficiency (ELP) Test (Level 4 minimum)
Valid Radiotelephony License (RT)
At least 18 years old
Special Study Permit (SSP) for foreign students
CPL or IR Holder

1.5 Months

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Training Program 
Ground SchoolEQC only (No simulator training required)
Flight Training:
Simulator20 Hours
Tecnam P2006T15+00 Hours
Fees and Payment